What Is a T.P.M. S.? Why Does it Matter to You and Our Government?

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems [T.P.M.S.] are how most manufacturers have decided to monitor tire pressure in newer vehicles. Typically, standard systems include 4 in-tire sensors [one per tire, and possibly one in your spare tire], which communicate with a control module via radio-frequencies. Many times, the sensors are a part of your schrader valve, [the rubber attachment protruding from your tire that allows you to fill your tire up with air!]

So why do these sensors matter to you? Unless you enjoy bathing by the beautiful amber glow of the T.P.M.S. light, there are some reasons that it should matter to you. Beginning in 2012, our government has mandated that all vehicles have some form of tire pressure monitoring system. So what is all the fuss about? How did we live for a hundred years without them?

Well, the fuss is mainly centered on three important reasons:

1) Fuel Mileage
2) Tire Life
3) Safety

Let’s consider reason number 1; fuel mileage. Some estimates suggest that low tire psi is the number one way to increase fuel mileage [up to 4%.] According to the U.S. Department of Energy, having a tire that is only 1 lb. low on psi can cost you that 4%. At $3.50 cents a gallon, 4% a year can equal an average of $2,600 a year!

Secondly, we need to consider tire life. Driving on low tire pressure can change the shape of the tire and cause cupping [small indentations on your tires.] Likewise, improper tire inflation can cause a breakdown in the side walls of your tire, which in turn can lead to premature failure of a tire.

Lastly, and most importantly, we need to regard the safety aspect! Aside from the potential blow-out factor, under inflated tires will cause your vehicle to drive differently. You might experience a “loose feel” to your steering. It is possible that under-inflated tires will also add to your braking distance. Consequently, on many SUVs, it can be the number one reason for a loss of control of the vehicle! Driving with low tires is just unsafe!

Currently, T.P.M.S. are the #1 reason for vehicles out of warranty to return to the dealership. However, this need not happen! Rogers Garage has the latest in T.P.S.M. tools. We can reset, relearn, and repair any system. So don’t pay the dealer cost…let us help you save time and money! We are committed to keeping current on all of our training and technology. So, for all your repair needs, please see us 1st!

Todd Rogers

Below is an interesting link with more interesting information regarding your tires, and vehicle safety.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration [NHTSA]

Tire Safety Brochure

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